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DMS Automations offers a broad range of services to assist industries from the conceptual phase of the project development through operations to the commissioning stage.

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DMS Automations provide consulting and design from the start – to ensure clients benefit from efficient and cost saving solutions in line with the current legal regulations and requirements. DMS Automations helps with the selection, design and commissioning of appropriate products, but also provides machine-specific analyses and design concepts.


Data Communication Networks: Field wire tracing, device tag identification, reverse engineering 
Plant documentation (P&ID, I/O wiring, electrical schematics, etc.) Pre-fab of Control Panel and Wiring
Level, Flow, Temperature and pressure Instruments Digital Weighing scales, Weigh Bridge, Hydraulic Scale


  • Supply and Installation of control panel, control desks, PCCs, MCCs, Intelligent MCCs, purged panel and drive panel.
  • Supply of Cables, pressure, temperature, level and flow transmitters, control valves for all applications.

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